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Diligent ICT Ltd is a reputable IT support company
Diligent ICT Ltd is a reputable IT support company

IT Support Company supporting the SME marketplace. Covering all aspects of IT support. West Central Scotland

Supporting your Business IT


IT support can encompass a wide range of services, such as helping with software installations, resolving hardware issues, addressing network connectivity problems, assisting with email configuration, and providing guidance on using different technology tools effectively. The goal of IT support is to ensure that technology users can utilize their devices and systems efficiently and without disruptions.


Cloud services offer several benefits, including flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of access. They allow businesses and individuals to access and utilize powerful computing resources without the need for significant infrastructure investments. Additionally, cloud services often provide features like data backup, disaster recovery, and high availability, enhancing the overall reliability and security of IT systems.


IT security aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and IT resources. Confidentiality means that only authorized individuals or entities can access sensitive information. Integrity ensures that data remains accurate, complete, and unaltered. Availability refers to the accessibility and usability of information and systems when needed.


Diligent ICT Ltd is a reputable IT support company

Diligent ICT exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimise performance and productivity.

About us

Diligent ICT Ltd is a reputable IT support company

We work with various IT Suppliers and Local companies to ensure that if we directly cannot provide the service you need we know someone who can.

That may be phone systems, data cabling, Internet Provision.

Current Partners include

  • Microsoft

  • HP

  • Dell

  • Cisco

  • Sonicwall

  • Avast AVG

  • Datto

  • Sage

  • Kubenet

  • Columbus Telecom

Who we work with

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